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Abraxas Congratulates 2016 Biz Launch Winner

Release Date: May 17, 2016

Abraxas Congratulates 2016 Biz Launch Winner

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – 17 May 2016 – Abraxas Business Services, specialists in business brokerage, mergers and acquisitions, and exit strategy and succession planning, is excited to congratulate the 2016 Biz Launch Winner, RaceIQ Engineering, and looks forward to working with the company as part of the 2016 Suite of Services provided to the winner.

RaceIQ Engineering

RaceIQ Engineering develops cyber-security (CSec) software for the automotive market. RaceIQ works directly with automakers so they can detect and mitigate vehicle data hacks, malware and virus uploads. RaceIQ software secures the BUS (internal communication network), the vehicle, and all incoming/outgoing data. Automakers are seeking a C-Sec solution to protect their product lines from hackers, malware and viruses. Unprotected connected vehicles offer a direct channel for hackers with malicious intent that can lead to recalls, death and expensive litigation. RaceIQ C-Sec software is a SaaS based platform accessed through the vehicles embedded RaceIQ Dual-Crypto module [in final development] that requires zero end-user interaction and continuously monitors for vulnerabilities, risk and threats to the vehicle BUS units with seamless over the air updates.

Biz Launch Competition 2016 is a partnership of the Technology Association of Georgia, Venture Atlanta, and Metro Atlanta Chamber. As a member of the Suite of Services, Abraxas will provide exit-strategy and positioning advice as well as merger and acquisition advisory services.




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