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e are Abraxas Business Services - specialists in business brokerage, mergers and acquisitions, and exit strategy and succession planning, all with a focus on small and middle-market companies. Whether you are looking to sell your company, buy or invest in a company, expand your business through a strategic acquisition, or plan your exit strategy, we are uniquely qualified to help you. And, we have compiled an exemplary record of success. 

How Do We Accomplish This? By Focusing on the Closing Table.  

We bring the most experience.

Abraxas is a group of experienced professionals working as a team to help our clients to the Closing Table. Through our decades of real-world experiences, we have sat at every seat at the table. For our clients, we bring the resources and expertise one would expect to find in large transactions. 

We bring a process that guides every step.

Founded by ex-management consultants, we fervently believe there are processes that should be used to guide our transactions. Over the history of our firm, we have massaged and enhanced these methodologies, yielding great success for our clients. 

We bring a cohesive team.

Our approach is unique. Our advisors work as a cohesive team in each transaction. Each team member contributes his/her expertise to all of our transactions, assuring the best thinking goes into structuring every deal and advising every client. 

We assemble other resources to assure comprehensive success. 

Transactions typically require expert advisors such as attorneys, tax specialists, and financial planners. Abraxas identifies the specific expertise required in each transaction. From an established and trusted network of experienced professionals, Abraxas assists our clients in engaging a stellar team to handle all of the issues that will be encountered on the way to the Closing Table.

"…Buyers, Sellers, Bankers, CPAs, Advisors, Attorneys, Wealth Managers and Personal Financial Planners - they all have a seat at the closing table. If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a TEAM to close a deal. "

C. David Chambless - President, Abraxas
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abraxas (a-brak’-suss) n

  1. Greek  (ΑΒΡΑΣΑΞ or αβρασαξ)
    1. a Gnostic priest or teacher;
    2. in Gnostic cosmology, the 7 letters spelling abraxas represent each of the seven classic planets—Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.
  2. Aramaic
    1. abraxas may be related to abracadabra, which is a Hebrew phrase, which means “I create (a’bra) what (ca) I speak (dab’ra).”
  3. American
    1. Carlos Santana’s breakout album, released in 1970 following the group’s highly acclaimed performance at the Woodstock Festival;
    2. an Atlanta-based firm providing business brokerage, merger and acquisition advice, and exit-planning services to businesses with revenues of $5- to $30-million.


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