Sell a Business

You gave it your all. Your business has grown, your market share has increased. You planned and then worked the plan. You met the challenges and enjoyed the rewards.

You now know that, at some point, you will take the final step and sell this important part of your life.

Selling a business you’ve worked hard to build is an emotional journey fraught with questions and risks.

Abraxas Advisors can help.

Based on years of successfully managing transactions for clients, and for ourselves, Abraxas Advisors knows how to navigate the steps on the path to a successful sale. Using methodologies developed over years of transaction management, Abraxas gets you to the most important place – The Closing Table.

The Abraxas process always begins with education - ours.

Key to successfully marketing a business is an in-depth understanding of that business. In this effort, Abraxas Advisors have a distinct advantage: as non-practicing CPAs, managment consultants, corporate executives, and sales executives, Abraxas Advisors have spent major portions of their careers in situations where it was of paramount importance to be able to quickly and incisively understand complex operations and intricate market constructs. Capitalizing on these experiences, we have developed an organized, detailed methodology in order to develop a deep understanding of the Abraxas client.

Steps to the Closing Table

Getting our clients to the Closing Table has three major phases:

Understand: Develop an understanding of the business, the objectives of the seller, and the acquisitive parameters of targeted buyer groups

Develop: Prepare the marketing materials and marketing plan for the business

Execute: Implement marketing initiatives, qualify prospective purchasers, assist in negotiation of the offers, and shepherd the deal from agreed offer to closing.

Individual Buyer

A Individual Buyer is an individual or a small group of individuals, say a family, that dreams of owning his/her/their own business.

Financial Buyer

A Financial Buyer must meet well-defined investment criteria on behalf of certain investors, such as a Private Equity Firm looking to purchase a business with funds from its investors.

Strategic Buyer

A Strategic Buyer is a company that is looking to support its strategic direction, whether it’s by acquiring additional products, increasing the customer base, expanding into new geographies or seeking to strengthen existing business relationships.


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