Individual Buyer

Abraxas’ Role in the Buying Decision

Individual Buyer…First Step

Abraxas works with a Individual Buyer to understand the motivation and objectives behind the decision to buy.

Individual Buyer

Most people enter business by finding a job. But for those who dream of owning their own business, the dream needs to be evaluated based on the realities of the market, as well as the potential owner’s expertise and financial capabilities. Often fear or lack of knowledge stands in the way of this process.

Abraxas begins the process with questions, and then listens to the responses to understand. Questions such as:

"What type of business would interest you?"

"How much do you want to be involved in day-to-day operations?"

"What skills do you have that are well suited to business ownership?"

"What skills are you lacking that you will need to fill with employees?”

These, and many more questions, help an Individual Buyer and Abraxas understand the type of business that would best suit the Buyer's objectives.

Once the critical aspects of the target business have been identified, the Abraxas Process methodically guides the process to the Closing Table.