Strategic Buyer

Abraxas’ Role in the Buying Decision

Strategic Buyer

Strategic Buyer…First Step

Strategic buyers represent the goals of an organization that have been defined internally based on the strategic plan or direction set internally. Abraxas Advisors meet with the company’s representatives to understand the goals, as well as other criteria such as size and location of prospective companies. By gaining in-depth understanding of the decision to acquire, Abraxas Advisors help better define the parameters to guide the search process.

For each type of Buyer, once the business attributes are determined, the next steps are similar, with each step guided by proven processes developed by Abraxas and designed to get the deal to the Closing Table.

  • Search and Identify Potential Businesses
  • Determine the Value of the Business
  • Negotiate and Execute a Term Sheet
  • Due Diligence
  • Final Deal Structuring
  • The Closing Table